Happy Valentine’s Day

Sweet: A Post at Liberality from 2011

I know it’s after Valentine’s day but hey, so what, I am still going to do a post about how much I love my sweetie. We have been married for close to 29 years which is a long time for some folks. Most people are not nearly as lucky as I have been. I had to work on Valentine’s day but after I got off work we went out to eat dinner.

When we got home he got out two gifts for me. One was a ruby heart necklace that I am wearing right now. It’s beautiful. The second is a small canister vac cleaner. Wait, huh, what you say? Well I complained about the last vacuum we got just recently because whenever I use it my lower back starts hurting and as you all know we have three big dogs and nine cats to clean up after. I’m always vacuuming the rugs and sweeping the floors, not that you could tell I do this nearly every single day except for right after I’ve finished the chore. The new EXPENSIVE vacuum cleaner was totally unexpected by me. I bought a vacuum for less than $200
a few years ago so I was really happy that my hubby decided to treat me. That said, expensive isn’t always better! Usually, I would say that receiving a household appliance is not really a gift but after he told me how much he spent on it I’ve revised my assessment, at least for now. Maybe next time he’ll look into the best backpack vacuum so my back can have a little bit of rest from having to move the vacuum about all over the house and up and down the stairs!

Then we opened a bottle of wine, drank some, lit a few candles and made love for hours. I am not kidding. He really made sure that I knew he loved me. The next day I was floating on Cloud Nine I think. We had never done so much for Valentine’s Day before. It’s usually a card and flowers, maybe dinner. Now someone has got to eat all these chocolates or I’m going to gain 5 pounds I swear! Of course all this gets me to thinking about what a great guy I’ve got. He made me a card, gave me a rose, got me some expensive chocolates, we went out to dinner, he bought me a ruby heart necklace and an expensive vacuum cleaner like the one I wanted from the main vacuum shops like Vacuumshop. He takes care of me and never tires of telling me how much he loves me. I think I got a winner when it comes to love.

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