Buchenwald 19: Survivors who may have seen Robert Schwartz

Buchenwald Survivors KvammeMy Father’s WWII Pictures Are Still Dying in His Lawyers’ Safe.

As we approach the 69th anniversary of my father’s entry onto Buchenwald to provide medical care, the survivors who might be able to identify themselves from his pictures continue to die of old age.

As a pathologist, I have a special tie to Professor Kvamme.  In the camp, the Nazis forced him to to work at the pathological facility in Buchenwald. Before the dead were cremated in an incineration system developed to veil the traces of murder, specimens were taken from their corpses for anatomical collections. This was part of what the Nazi’s described as science, proving the racial heritage of the  Germans.

Professor Kvamme was alive last year, when this picture was taken.

You can read more about the conflict with my brother and his extreme problem with sibling rivalry here.

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  1. William Quick #

    A warning to the reader: The author of this blog makes statements on this blog that are frequently misleading and sometimes fiction. For example, he writes here that his “Father’s WWII Pictures Are Still Dying in His Lawyers’ Safe.” Indeed, it is SMS, the author of this misstatement, who has held up the donation of their father’s estate’s WWII photos and other memorabilia to a major University by (a) withholding some of the materials at his residence in Seattle — despite his signing off on an agreement to return them to Hugh and (b) failing to sign off on a Deed of Gift to donate the materials.

  2. theaveeditor #

    This is a form of Spam from Dr. Quick, a frequent troll here. There is a reply at that addresses his comment fully.

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