PRESIDENT ROMNEY: Honoring the gipper

In his annual message honoring Ronald Reagan’s birthday today, President Romney asked Americans concerned about Syria to remember that Ronald Reagan  once called jihadi fighters in Checnia and Afghanistan “freedom fighters.”

“Brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ought not to be seen as typical of the good Muslims fighting for freedom from Russia in the  Chechen jihadist network or the freedom fighter seeking to overthow the Iranb inspired government of Syria.

America’s first Morman President remarked that he sympathized with the plight of Mormons and Muslims trying to practice their religions in countries with different beliefs and without the toleration America has. When thinking about radical Islam in Chechnya, he sadi we should remember that  1994-96, o the “First” Chechen War wasn’t actually their first war against Russia.

“Sending American troops into Syria should be thought of not only as supporting Israel, bit fighti8ng for the freedom of religious minorities in all countries, that is what Ronald Reagan would want me to do.”


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