BREAKING NEWS: Did Chris Christie Order The Death of Tony Soprano?

Christie and Tony(TANews, Newark NJ)  TAN’s investigative journalism team has been looking into possible connections between the bridgegate scandal and New Jersey Mafia activities.  The investigations showed that no garbage trucks were on the bridge during the imposed traffic jam.  The investigation inquired about this at New Jersey Waste Management Headquarters but was unable to get any answers.

However, in exploring our photofiles we came across this intriguing picture of Waste Management CEO Tony Soprano accompanying Governor Christie on a visit to the Trenton Toxic Land Dump a few months before Mr. Soprano’s “heart attack.”  At that visit, Mr. Christie endorsed continued use of the dump, not only for Waste Management but “for families to dispose of their own waste in a quiet manner.”

Shortly after this picture was taken, Governor Christie changed his mind after the FBI found that some of the “family waste” in the dump were the bodies of people murdered n mafia family wars.  The FBI has asked that Mr. Soprano’s body be exhumed.


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  1. Roberta Flack #

    You are not funny. You are sick.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Making fun of the Christie story is perhaps obvious and easy. It is harder when the story is truly sad…
    Let me tell you a story that is not posted. This is a story about an abused woman who invested all of herself, her love but also her financial well being in a plural marriage that was, well not a good one.

    After a couple of decades she had to face a terrible choice .. divorce that might itself be illegal because of polygamy laws in Colorado but even if legal that would leave her little for tolerating abuse for the rest of her life.

    Of course she is abused form all sides. The polygamist group, now famous because of Warren Jessup, is making her life horrid. She lives a like in cherem. A sanctimonious liberation groups wants here to leave her home, friends and religion.

    That is a story hard to make funny.