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Ralph Nader Hops Into 777x Issue

December 26, 2013 Jim McNerney, CEO The Boeing Company 100 North Riverside Chicago, IL 60606 Dear Mr. McNerney: The squeeze that you and Boeing are putting on your machinist workers’ pensions, pay scales and your stance on other labor issues regarding the assembling of the new 777X airliners is un[...]

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Victory in Iraqistan

Qaeda Militants in Iraq Claim Falluja as Independent State  By YASIR GHAZI and TIM ARANGO After what appeared to be a morning lull Friday, Sunni fighters destroyed the police headquarters and mayor’s office as violence resumed. Syrian Rebels and Qaeda Fighters Clash 4:53 PM ET[...]

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GOP can’t stop demonizing Obama

Mike Rogers: New York Times Benghazi Report ‘   “Just Not Accurate”   Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. simply can not let go of finding that Barak Hussein Obama somehow was either responsible for the 2012 attack[...]

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Live Discussion of Boeing Vote As It Comes In

Click the logo or follow this link: Starts at 4PM.[...]

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Activists Push NO Vote by Machinists

Machinists listen to speakers encouraging union members to reject Boeing’s proposed contract offer at a rally Thursday. (KIRO Radio Photo/Tim Haeck) Boeing Machinists gather at ‘vote no’ rally in Seattle[...]

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Slur of the Day

Smoked Irish / smoked Irishman (U.S.) a 19th century term for Blacks (intended to insult both Blacks and Irish).[28][...]

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Davey Jones off of Hawaii

From somewhere west of Hawaii Well here I am headed for Shanghai, on a fairly quiet sea, we do have two cadets aboard, both engine cadets at that, both attend Kings Point, Devin is from California, and is quiet and somewhat reserved, smart kid but shy, Amelia is from Utah and almost his polar opposi[...]

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What is blocking the tunneling machine?

The Seattle Times reports ideas from Fifth Graders Fifth-grader Marina Sanchez, writing that she felt “a bit like Nancy Drew,” captured the spirit of the essay like this: People are buzzing about what could be beneath our very own city … monster, a haunted boat, a train car. It could be ma[...]

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AAUP Censorship

Dear Steve, I decided not to approve your posting, as you already made most of these points in an earlier post. Regards Rob —————————————————————————&[...]

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