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AAUP ICONDear Steve,

I decided not to approve your posting, as you already made most of these points in an earlier post.




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I am truly sorry to say this but I will vote no on the revised code and
highly recommend that others do the same.

Despite repeated requests here and in personal communication with
knowledgeable faculty. I have not been able to get a single example of how
this code will improve our rights. An attorney who wrote about the changes
on THE Ave suggests the revised code will decrease our rights.

What I have gotten from proponents of the changes us a mixture of
personally disparaging remarks and protestations about the excellence and
good intent of the Senators.

While I believe the intention,  one friendly member of a Senate council
told me that she/he could not remember any substantive discussion.

Combine that with the dubious presentation of class A legislation over the
winter holidays and I see no responsible way to vote “yes. “

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