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Why the Repricans WANTED to end the filibuster!

The good news is that the Senate will now confirm people we need to run the government. The bad news is that by forcing this measure the Repricans have done major damage to the unwritten constitution. When Madison and his colleagues wrote the first constitution, they imagined it as way for one party[...]

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Ave Challenge

Identify this woman:   a. Burlesque star from Seattle’s early history. b. wife of Mendel, before he became a monk c. first Jewish woman to get an MD in the US d. published early insights into sex after Darwin. e. White Russian double agent in St. Petersburg.  [...]

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The Laws of Robotics


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Our Debt to The Phillipines

Give back to the Philippines in the wake of a tragedy ¬†Americans recognize out debt to the slaves, the Native Americans and to others we have abused.¬† Somehow we forget our onetime colony .. The Philippines.¬† We also seem empty handed as the Philippines lives n the shadow of Beijing’s versi[...]