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Are there Jewish atheists?

  A World Without Jewish Atheists … no Israel, less science, worse law, massive loss of literature and art ???? I had not realized that this was even a question until my brother sent me a very derogatory email asking how could I, an atheist, have said Torah blessings at my kids’ bna[...]

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Brave New World: In Vitro Fertilization Cheaper Than Buying an iPad.

IVF as cheap as £170, doctors claim The cost of IVF can be cut dramatically from thousands of pounds to around £170 to open up a “new era” in IVF, fertility doctors from Belgium claim.[...]

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Applesauce: Apple to Merge with Dior

CNET reports that     Apple is in the midst of a move form technology to style.  The new new Ive-led Apple has introduced new phones with minimal if any technology advances but change sin style ranging from multicolored cases to an interface cleared of busy graphics like notebooks and lined pages[...]

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Aaron Alexis Is NOT Alone

MOTHER SPEAKS OUT: ‘I DON’T KNOW WHY HE DID WHAT HE DID’ Aaron Alexis is hardly the only person walking around with a severe personality disorder.  His condition is no different than that of people I also know, people who need help but reject the help they need either because of f[...]

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PRESIDENT ROMNEY: Mr. Ryan says “I am NOT a Reprican”

Responding to Sarah Palin’s demand that Ryan join her campaign for a “real” election in 2016, the Vice President reiterated his loyalty to Mitt Romney: “I understand and admire Sarah’s devotion to democracy, she has every right to be disagree with the President’s [...]

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Swedish society — democracy, equality and tolerance

from The Local by Rikard Lagerberg & Emma Randecker, Sep 2010 Sweden’s economic and social system has lifted the country to one of the highest standards of living in the world. Tax-financed education and health care contribute to making Sweden a role model for many other countries. The com[...]