As UW Funding Dwindles Boeing Moves Engineering Out of State

Boeing  goes awayAccording to the Seattle Times, Boeing is committed to moving its crown jewels , high tech engineering jobs from Washington state

The UW keeps trying to explain to Olympia that huge tech jobs will not stay here if we do not invest in higher ed.  Booing sees the light ….

Mike Delaney, head of engineering at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Delaney laid out his rationale for the shift.  “Placing this work in Southern California will enable (Boeing) to consolidate all advanced concepts design efforts in one location with a dedicated team,” he wrote, adding that the move “will also improve our ability to recruit into these specialized jobs by giving us greater access to a diverse experience base of people, universities and other industries in the region.”

According to the Seattle Times,. Boeing said that the company, once built on the vast engineering expertise here in Washington state, would in future split the work b adding capacity in southern California and South Carolina and  its major overseas engineering design center in Moscow. At he same time, most engineering support work on out-of-production jets, such as the 757 and 737 classics, would move from Tukwila to Long Beach, affecting as many as 300 jobs while Boeing will build a 220,000-square-foot factory to build its  updated 737 MAX work next door to its 787 interiors facility in North Charleston.

Separately, Boeing’s Information Technology department — not part of the Commercial Airplane unit — announced in March that it will shed 1,500 positions in the Puget Sound region over the next three years, moving work to new IT centers in North Charleston, S.C. and St. Louis, Mo.

Boeing today has approximately 1,200 engineers working in the southern California design center and about 1,000 in South Carolina. Both centers are expected to grow over the next several years.


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