Balmer’s Ball Misses the Basket ….. GO STORM!

Thumbnail for - NBA Committee Votes Unanimously Against Kings' Move to Seattle
BALMER green vf2Following the report that Seattle is infested with rats, the NBA Committee Votes Unanimously Against Kings’ Move to Seattle
In a major blow to arena proponents, an NBA committee voted unanimously to block a proposal to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle.
I have an idea .. really I do.  Steve Balmer could retaliate by putting enough $ into the Seattle Storm so WOMEN’s basketball could go BIG TIME,  How about beginning by Steve buying the Storm and putting some $$$ into buying the best players?  Fluffing up the Arena with some SEATTLE style amenities … not executive sky boxes but a beer garden for our local micro brews, wifi cafe with great food and coffee, free admission for kids?????  GO STORM!

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