‘Microblogging encoffiner’

Blogging in China

Death is dignified and equal wherever it happens

Because of the account, Lin was often asked what death means to him.

Lin answered the question with a clam that few of his peers have, “Life is a very ordinary existence and will be taken away at any time. There are more than 6 billion people around the world, so the death of a person is not especially grand news sometimes.”

Lin had “encoffined” a lot of celebrities including post-1980s cartoonist Xiong Dun, a girl baby who donated her organs and actress Bai Jing. Lin said that everyone is equal in the presence of death, no matter how much influence they had had. “That what the death means to a person lies in how much the person knows about the dead.”

Lin will first read the microblog of a dead no matter how negligible it is, and then post an obituary special for him or her.

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