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Roger Rabbit on Workers, Working for Free

Here’s Corporate America’s new employment offer:  Jobs that pay nothing. Roger Rabbit Commentary:  The reason people are willing to do this, of course, is because blank spots on their resumes look really, really bad. So, with pa[...]

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Amazon’s New Building: One of the best new architecture of 2013!


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Maybe Balmer Would Buy the Huskies Too?

Is Microsoft Buying a Basketball Team? The media report that  the Sacramento Kings are being sold to  Chris Hansen and Microsoft MSFT +0.56% chief executive Steve Ballmer. Ballmer is said to be a devoted pickup basketball player with a reputation for having mean elbows. But, that is not all!  St[...]

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The AVE Challenge: Who is that woman?

This Jewish woman recently made news: a.First Orthodox woman to head Israel’s nurse core. b. First female ambassador to the US from an Arab state. c. First female chaplain at Annapolis d. Minister of education for Libya. e. Discovered St. Peter’s home in Israel.[...]

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Syria … a travelogue from Der Spiegel

A Two-Year Travelogue from Hell Since unrest began in Syria in the spring of 2011, reporting from the country has been difficult. Former contacts are now dead or can’t be located, and the country lies in ruins. Now, amid harrowing conditions, the balance of power appears to have shifted, with [...]