DAVEY JONES: In the North Atlantic

Davey JonesWell we’re behind schedule a bit, the weather was bad enough Thursday
morning that we had to alter course for a few hours, and we’ve slowed down,
it seems to have slicked off this morning, the winds have dropped to 50-60
knots, plus our course doesn’t have us straight into it, so we should only
be a few hours late into NY.

I measured shaft deflections on the number one generator yesterday, they
were fine, I taught this to the cadet and let him set the valve lash, he
seems to be coming along fine, I think he will make a good ships engineer
someday. He is becoming less and less republican as well, is fundamentalist
religion is still a sticking point, but that’s fading as well, I doubt it
will survive in the larger world.

Once I make New York, I will change a cylinder liner and piston on the main
engine, so my time in port is taken up, after NY its Charleston and then
Savanna, after that back across the pond, I don’t know if I’ll stay for a
third trip, the ship is scheduled for the yards in Hong Kong halfway through
what would be my third trip, I’m not sure a month’s pay is worth a 12 hour
flight, but then I’ve always liked Hong Kong, I have two months to decide.

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