DAVEY JONES: Returning to the pillars of Hercules

Davey JonesI should pass The Rock today or early tomorrow, the weather has been pretty
good, but that will of course change once we pass the Pillars of Hercules,
but then what would you expect in the North Atlantic in January?

The distilling plant is back together and once more making water, potable at
the moment, as we need very little make up feed. Whatever the issue was
between the refer and electrician seems to have passed, at least they’re
speaking and I saw them drinking together the other night, the 2nd is still
mad at the cadet, and the BR is once more putting Tabasco on the tables, so
I think we may have no drama at the moment.

Black gang wise only me the electrician and the cadet are staying next trip,
so it will be almost a new crew, I think the entire stewards department is
leaving as well, I’ll know for sure in ten days

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