ROMNEYISMS: Mitt’s wonderful watches

Mitt Romney is known for his strong addiction of watches. And rightly so, the Link Calibre S Electro model from Tag Heuer on his wrist during an open air conference session proves the point. CALIBRE S is a mechanical electro chronograph watch from notable swiss watchmaker, Tag Heur. It features 1/100th electro mechanical chronograph1 with perpetual calendar bezel and tachymeter scale. Tag watches are very popular due to their outstanding build quality and fantastic appearance. Some of Tag’s most popular watches, such as the Monaco model, are difficult to get hold of and if you’re looking to buy one, you should do thorough research first.

CJF7110.BA0592 TAG Heuer Link Calibre S Electro-Mechanical Watch. Retail Price $3,300.00Sale Price $2,175.00

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