WASHINGTON STATE ELECTION 2012: Radical Reprican Fanatics Self Destruct

From Sound Politics (NW Gightie Blog)


Question Would you rather see Inslee win?

At this point, yes.

I am heartily sick of supporting RINO’s like McKenna who couldn’t take a clear position to save his King County RINO ass.

What this guy supports will reek havoc and destruction on the economy where I live (Clark County), and it’s bad enough already.

He supports the giant rip off of the Cowlitz/Mohegan/Paskenta/Barnett megacasino being built here off reservation lands, along with life-long, ever increasing tolls for a bridge that we do not need, do not want and cannot afford which will also blow a $100,000,000 hole in our local economy to start with yearly increases as the tolls go up and our commuters get shafted… permanently, and make small business suffer even more since his efforts will help vaporize the disposable income those businesses depend on.

BOTH of them support that garbage.

Tell me again why I should support McKenna? And, I might add, based on his abysmal outcome in the primary and his death spiral in the polls, it’s sure starting to look like a whole bunch of people are asking themselves that very question.

So, I repeat: why vote for a fake democrat like McKenna when you can get the real thing with Inslee?

They share most positions; there’s not a damned dime’s worth of difference between them. So, what’s the point?

Since you asked.

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