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WASHINGTON STATE ELECTION 2012: Radical Reprican Fanatics Self Destruct

From Sound Politics (NW Gightie Blog)   Question Would you rather see Inslee win? At this point, yes. I am heartily sick of supporting RINO’s like McKenna who couldn’t take a clear position to save his King County RINO ass. What this guy supports will reek havoc and destruction on t[...]

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Million Muppett March

Join us on the National Mall on November 3rd, 2012 to Support Public Media. Puppet Power![...]

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Ryanomics: Is Ryan a cousin of Ahmadinejad?

Did you watch the debate? Yesterday’s performance reminded me of this clip: from Piers Morgan’s interview with Ahmadinejad: “You are a father of three children,” Morgan said, as part of a “lively” debate on homosexuality. “You have two sons and a daughter. W[...]