The Biden Ryan Debate, Shame on you!

Scheming the debate last week, I wrote that I expected Romney to play Cincinnatus, the Roman farmer who saved Rome by giving up a life of ease and assuming the role of Great Leader.  I assume team Obama never read my post and won’t read this one either.

I think it is very easy to pick a persona for Mr. Ryan.  He will play the brightest of men. A messenger of certitude about what the Republic must do.  He will play the cocky student.

My hope is that Mr. Biden will respond by playing the self righteous nun, outraged by the young student’s willingness to blend fact with self-serving beliefs.  I call this tactic “shame on you!”

“Shame on you!” would be a terrific response to the insane claims of Romney/Ryan that 5 trillion in tax cuts will somehow result in decreasing the debt.

Sister Biden might even threaten the rattan in response to student Ryan suggesting that Social Security be turned into an investment in Wall Street hedge funds. Just imagine, “Shame on you Mr. Ryan… You want to take money from old people and put it in the hands of Wall Street bankers?”

My favorite fantasy is to imagine Sister Jo teaching sex education.  “Mr. Ryan! Please do not tell this class that Jesus condones the government inserting devices into women’s private parts!  That is disgusting shame on you!”

. In my fantasy I see this as a war between 2 women… The stern but gentle sister Jo Biden and the tough-minded lady who wrote “Atlas Shrugged.”

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