APPLESAUCE: Will Bezos Target the iPHONE?

 Bloomberg: Amazon Phone Could Be In The Works

According to a fresh and lively report from Bloomberg, Amazon is “developing a smartphone that would vie with [Apple]’s iPhone”

This makes a lot of sense. Amazon has already achieved great brand name presence of its own.  The Amazon Fire showed that clout.  Analysts estimate (that Amazon) sold about 6 million Kindle Fires in the first quarter after the device’s release, which would make the Kindle Fire the second best-selling tablet ever, behind Apple’s iPad.

What would an Amazon phone look like?  The Amazon phone has to be cheap, easier to use than the iPHONE and offer very easy use of the Amazon online store.

I think the ease of use issue may be the killer app.  There are two ways Amazon could beat the effin pants off of Apple.  First, Amazon could use PalmOS as an OS.  The advantages of PalmOS over iOS are huge.. great interface., true multitasking, etc.    Moreover PalmOS is now in the public domain .. so Amazon is free to customize it.  The Amazon better alternative may be for  the online store behemoth to partner with the jolly green giant, AKA Microsoft.  Microsoft , needs to sell the public on Windows 8 phones.  Unlike PalmOS. the Windows phone already had lots of apps. Best yet, the Giant improved may of the best features of Palm OS.

Finally, as it has for the first decades of the company, Microsoft has always encouraged computer companies to customize its OS. That leaves the high price of Win8 as a barrier.  I suspect the giant would be happy to off cut prices to the Amazon in retu7rn for OS market share.

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