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Our mismatch between the skills required for available jobs and individuals with those skills is growing faster than all but one other state, Delaware.

The Magic of “Computational Thinking” Training  More Folks Who Can Get Jobs? In response to OPED at the Seattle Times.  Rosemary McAuliffe, State Senator  and Ed Lazowska , UW Prof. pof Computer Science Like evangelicals of the past, Senator . McAuliffe and Professor Lazowska, have a [...]

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The Other Side, the 1% speak out!

  Click the image for a view from the 1% !!!![...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Early Polls Look Bad For the Repricans

OHIO: (D) Sherrod Brown     49% (R) Josh Mandel         34% NEVADA: (D) Shelley Berkley    45% (R) Dean Heller         45% WISCONSIN: (D) Tammy Baldwin       44% (R) Tommy Thompson    46% The Dems have have come from behind to statistical ties in NV and WI,and are m[...]

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TopNews of India Reports on America’s Race for 2012.  TopNewS from India is reporting that polls show  Clinton outperforming Obama in a race against Mitt Romney by 17 points, 55 percent-38 percent and Perry by 26 points, 58 percent-32 percent.  Obama leads Romney by only 3 percentage poin[...]