TopNews of India Reports on America’s Race for 2012. 

  • TopNewS from India is reporting that polls show  Clinton outperforming Obama in a race against Mitt Romney by 17 points, 55 percent-38 percent and Perry by 26 points, 58 percent-32 percent.  Obama leads Romney by only 3 percentage points and Perry by 12 points.

The only surprise here is that the Republicans are doing so poorly.  Clinton is doing well largely because she gets credit for the cool headed successes in foreign policy without being seen as responsible for the economy.

There is, however, an important message here for Vice President Biden. 

PLEASE STEP DOWN.  As much as I like Jo Biden and believe he may do a great job as the feisty co-candidate in 2112, Biden will be 73 in 2016 and will not be a very good choice for Obama’s successor.

Hillary makes a lot more sense as Obama’s Veep.  She will still be in her sixties in 2016, the Clinton machine nationwide is still impressive, she will have a great record as Secretary of State, and her spouse has a lot to offer as well. 


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