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BREAKING NEWS: What is it?

a. Float for Cairo Parade in Liberation Square b. Gaddafi’s limosine c. Construction tool for work in Algeria d. Battleship, Libya style e. US Special forces decoy[...]

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Seattle Scene: The 99% Occupy Westlake Mall

Seattle smiles on its occupation: photos from the front , Michael Hood, Blatherwatch We perambulated the flag-wrapped Occupy Wall Street protest encampment Saturday at Seattle’s Westlake Plaza aglow with economic populism and sweet lefty righteousness. Finally the left is speaking out to and f[...]

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The Evolution of Rape?

Essay by PZ Myers at Pharyngula based on an article titled “Darwin’s Rape Whistle: Have women evolved to protect themselves from sexual assault?“, ….. The story is that women have evolved specific adaptive responses to the threat of rape. In support of this conclusion, the au[...]

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October 12. 2011 Juche 100 Banquet Given by Central Committee and Central Military Commission of WPK Talks between DPRK and Lao Delegations Held Lao Delegation Arrives Russian Ambassador to DPRK Gives Reception Palestinian Ambassador to DPRK Gives Reception Anniversary of Establishment of Diplomati[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: UW violates basic principles of law.

A good deal of the reason for The AVE has been my concern about administrative abuse of faculty rights.  As one example, The AVE has provided extensive coverage of the Aprikyan affair. Now we will likely never find out whether  Andrew Aprikyan ever did anything wrong. Instead a team of lawyers, h[...]