Romney’s Loss in Florida.

Herman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll Ahead Of 2012 (VIDEO)

This year’s race to be the nominee of the Republican Party seems more like a Hollywood movie than reality.  Imagine the casting calls!

Hermann Cain, a very successful business man and a black guy , won the straw poll in Fla!  Is Cain the #1 choice of Fla’s Tea party/conservative dominated Republicans to run against the black guy in the White House?

The pundit class sees this as a disaster for Rick Perry.  I am sure that is true.  However, I see this as a bigger disaster for Mitt Romney.  When the Tea Party votes for Cain, the real message is that Romney can not get their votes no matter how much he cuddles up with Sarah Palin or how  badly Perry does in debates.

The Tea Party sees Romney as dismal a candidate as McCain.without a hero’s war record.

Perry has a huge chest, and I mean his  campaign chest.  Behind that chest is  political team that can spend a lot of dollars once the TV campaign begins to overwhelm the media.

Romney ‘s campaign knows that Perry will not whither away for lack of funds.   Romney also needs to dig o

ut of his hole.  He can not do that on the ground because he does not have a money advantage. 

The things to watch now are early endorsements.  Perry and Romney are likley wooing people who can sway the primaries ……..Rubio, Palin, Bush III, Chris Christie, Demint and even Lieberman …. are likely to be big targets from now till right after New Hampshire. 

Likely they will stay out of the endorsements now because of this debate but unless Romney can fsell his hair do and smirk to the Tea Party, he will need help post NH. 

The same is true for Perry but he has a another option that Romney does not have. Perry is new on the national scenes and he is a sitting governor. This offers the cowboy a chance to create an event that shakes things up … changes the news stream for an obsession with the debates.  

Whoever is scripting this Hollywood movie has real talent.
For a less impassioned, more objective view of the troubles facing Romney, read Nate Silver



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