Attacking the Right


August 20, 2011

Dr. Feulner
The Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Ave
Washington, DC  20002

Dr. Edwin Feulner,

Yes, I have let my membership lapse.  You continue to send request after request for me to reinstate my membership and this latest letter is asking for me to write to you.  I realize that it is not you sending out these requests, it is your automated mailing service, so you are really not aware of who I am or that my membership has lapsed.

For your information, I write to you in answer to the continued requests that I am deeply disappointed in the Heritage Foundation under your leadership.  To quote a phrase “As Rome Burns” ie: The United States of America under the Usurper Barack Obama aka Barry Sotoro, or whatever other alias he has gone by in the past, you and your Heritage Foundation are supposedly running around attempting to put out brush fires like the EPA and FCC’s overreach through Presidential Executive Orders.  He is ruining our country through tactics which bypass Congress and are in violation of the Constitution.

If you had a true desire to save our country you would stop all the ******* and kick Obama where it really hurts by exposing the facts that he has provided the American people with a fraudulent birth certificate, a stolen social security # and a fraudulently created selective service registration.   He needed to be removed from office as soon as he took office and hauled out of our White House in handcuffs for the whole world to see, indicted and prosecuted for the crimes he has committed against the American people. And then there is Nancy Pelosi’s 2008 election fraud that you also ignore.  Why don’t you expose that?

So, while Obama fraudulently acts as a dictator and spends our money playing golf and going on vacations, while having his Socialist/Marxist minions do his dirty work, what are you doing about this Travesty of Justice?  Nothing!!  You just continue to ignore millions of us angry Americans, like we don’t even exist. And you want my membership money for WHAT???


Judy Chambers

A Real Natural Born American Citizen, born on US Soil from a mother and father who were both American Citizens.

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