Scientific Hype


Elizabeth Armsstrong Moore at CNET

Not long after creating a functioning rat lung in her lab, Yale University Professor of Anesthesiology and Biomedical Engineering Laura Nikalson is testing bioengineered human veins that could benefit some 500,000 patients a year who need to undergo vascular surgeries such as coronary artery bypass.

bioengineered veins
comment:  This was published twice .. in a third level journal and, more importantly in a press release.
I so not see this sort of hype as anything different from the scientific blasphemy of the radical right.  I fund climate denial, creationism, and this sort of over promotion as much the same thing.
The odd thing, is that these “veins” are far from anything new and certainly do not address the real issues.  Fir example, even REAL veins fare badly in coronary artery bypass and dialysis.  Because, however, there is  nothing really new here, hype like this can not be challenged as a scientific fraud.  The sad thing is that the effect of this sort of thing on the public’s credulity is as bad as the effects of outright fraud.

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