EAT on The AVE: The Wurst Place .. coming to SLU

I have no idea why so many restaurants think SLU is going to be Seattle’s foodiedistrict?  Tom Douglas is seemingly trying to open on of everything in the ‘hood .. a Tdug Bar, Tdug pizza, Tdug takeout, Tdug Italina, and Tdug Tibet dumplings .  Oddly, for Seattle Tom has not yet opened a place to serve lobster rolls made from Dungeness crabs.
There sub shops, though none (yet) like a great Boston sub shop .. more Quiznos and Subway look alikes.  There are burger joints that sell non chain burgers .. though the low end Blue Moon really is not up to the Burger King standard, The Lunchbox Lab is 7 on my ten point scale burger scale but given the modest price I suppose the lab deserves an 8.5.
Now we are getting a Wurst place … German street food, tube dogs, served as if it were gourmet.  Not to make fun, I do hope they manage to find some authentic gherkins and brot that isn’t ‘t Seattle soggy-soggy!

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