“Money as Speech” and Corporate Personhood

Washington State Democrats have passed a resolution advocating action to end corporate personhood.

This issue seems to me to be part of an even bigger issue.  Both Jefferson and Sam Adams were horrified by the idea that their revolution would be overtaken by the urban wealthy .. the distant ancestors of today’s corporations.

Lenin equated corporate power with Wall Street capitalists and chillingly dismissed the American view of freedoms as a bourgeois fantasy.

This week’s Economist brings all this to a head by showing that America’s level of innovation continues to be world leading, overwhelming our nearest competitors.   That, the Economist says, is our promise. But, the writer goes on to show that the model of the American economy means that the benefit of all this now goes not to the American middle class but to the overpaid managerial class.

While the Economist does not say this, they should go one step further and point out that the managerial class is NOT itself American.


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