Could the UW’s New Young be a Candidate for the Supreme Court?

Given President Obama’s unique effort to find balance in our fractious society, Michael Young could be a unique candidate if a new SCOTUS position were to open up.

  • As a Mormon, he would represent a real first .. esp on a Court now comprised remarkably of all Roman Catholics and Jews.
  • As a rational Republican, he could well be the fulcrum on which the court balances.
  • As an advocate for the ACLU in matters of religious liberty,  Young would bring a unique perspective to the Court.
  • As a expert in international law and trade, he would bring credential no one else has to the Court.

Justice Elena Kagan, illustrates my point.  As a nominee, some on the left worries that she was too much a part of corporate America. Like Young, Kagan does have impressive relations with American business, but that may make her more credible as a justice. Her decision today, as ma member of the Court, reflects that credibility.

Today, thee  United States Supreme Court to  deny a highly politicized petition by the Attorney General of Virginia to fast-track its ruling on the president’s health care law.

“The petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment is denied,” read the full text of the Court’s decision.

The rejection of Cuccinelli’s effort to short-circuit the process represents a small but welcomed victory for rationality. The more important point, however,   is that  Justice Kagan, joined in this decision.

As a new justice, Kagan had recused herself from five similar fast-track decisions on Monday morning.  She might have chosen to recuse herself because of  her past work as President Obama’s Solicitor General. ically or politically — to rule on the topic.

As a rational, Republican, The UW’s new President runs in a very importunate circuit!  leaving aside any openings on the Court, Michael Young’s gravitas could helo spark a badly needed reform of our state’s Republican establishment!


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