The Boring Truth About Marijuana

I have nothing against marijuana.  As far as I can see it is a fairly harmless alternative to chocolate, cigarettes and


Those of you who know me reaize that I aq long term fan of HorsesAss, once a great  political blog and home of a very good writer, David Goldstein. Sadly, David has ascended to professional status at The Stranger.  While Carl and Darryl write very well, I miss Goldy.
Unfortunately,  Lee Rosenberg fills at least 1/2 of the space vacated by Goldy with  with lengthy and very boring  paeans to the glories of “medical” marijuana.  Today’s screed runs to 741 words, enough to fill two of my precious 24″ displays!

Jeez .. is this really THE most important issue now?

I have an elegant solution for Lee’s obsession  …………

My solution utilizes what Psych 101 calls “displacement. ”  Making pot legal isn’t going to cure Lee’s mania.  All that would do is lead him to grousing over how RJ Reynolds is putting all of Lee’s buds out of the bud bidness.  Lee needs something else to obsess about.

He is not alone.  Legalizing pot wold leave an entire community of pot heads with nothing to do but smoke joints.  With no complaints, this vice might even cease to be so pleasant.

I suggest we illegalize chocolate.  Then the chocoholics could take on the fight for vice equality with advice and support from Lee and his fellow green partisans.

Chocolate displacement therapy would also be beneficial to society in general.  Instead of Mexican drug lords, we would have Nestle, Mars and Hershey’s to contend with.  The money they would spend in advertising would be big boost to our economy.  A well written chocolate law could also protect small chocolatiers, perhaps letting   Fran’s and the Dilettante sell their wares on a prescription basis.

Freed of his obsession, Lee  could put his  writing talents into something really important, maybe even fixing the public schools!


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