UPDATE ON WGU: The Miracle of WGU Indiana!

Ed.  I just heard that WGUI is accessible under Indiana’s FOIA!  Anyone who has ideas about this is welcome to send them to me.

This is the new website for what Mitch Daniels, the Republican Governor refers to as Indiana’s “eighth state university.”

The miracle of WGUI is that it offers an education that is better than any traditional university at no cost to the overburdened Indiana taxpayers.

YOU can click on the image on the left (CLICKME) to hear Governor Daniels explain why YOU should consider attending WGUI.

Here are a few highlights from the website:

WGUI students are eligible for  Indiana state financial aid and grant programs as well as Federal scholarships and grants. The potential savings to the taxpayers come from the fact that these funds support WGUI without the need for any other appropriations since WGUI does not employ faculty with expertise in subject matter or offer classrooms and labs.  Even labwork is designed to be done in your own kitchen!

Over 50 accredited online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are offered in high-demand career fields.  These  include some very challenging degrees like:  BS in Health InformaticsMasters in Information Security, BS in Nursing, and MAT degrees in Biology, Mathematics and Physics,   All of these are graded pass fail and offer mentors whose job it is to help you pass exams proving to potential employers that YOU are competent.

The science courses even include  a home science lab. The self-contained laboratory kit includes the lab manual, science equipment, specimens, supplies, and chemicals necessary to complete college lab experiments at home. 

Here is an example of the exciting curriculum intended to prepare BA students to teach high school biology! Students, who already have a teaching certificate can take the same courses, including college level algebra, so they can also qualify to teach high school biology.  Since all of this is done without support from faculty with expertise in biology, WGU graduates should be especially well suited to teach biology to high school students who will also have no access to anyone knowing biology.



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