WASTATE Attorney General Race

from Publicola

No winner or loser today, just a bonafide jolt: King County Council member Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, will officially put his name in the running for attorney general next week, PubliCola hears. Ferguson would be the first person to declare for the seat now held by Republican Rob McKenna, who’s expected to run for governor.

Ferguson’s county council colleague, Republican Reagan Dunn, is also expected to run.

Ferguson will be a formidable opponent anyone who takes him on. In his first race for office in 2003, he was a door-knocking machine, defeating a 20-year-incumbent, council member Cynthia Sullivan. Forced to run again two years later because the council was cut from 13 members to nine, he beat another incumbent, Carolyn Edmonds, in the primary. (He went on to defeat a Republican challenger with 74 percent of the vote). Dunn has been on the council since 2005.

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