Climate Denial

Thanks to Jefferson and the enlightenment, the American Revolution gave us a society that bans blasphemy laws.

Is this is a good thing?

Scientific truth .. whether that truth is based in particle physics or historical research, is different from the religious truths of the past or the doctrinaire truths of a totalitarian regime like China.

Blasphemy was once a major crime in our society because acceptance of a  set of truths was necessary to government.  Governing pre-enlightenment Europe meant everyone had to agree that there was a God, that HE created the world, and He gave authority to the Emperor.  Pursuit of the truth went further, The facts that God had three personnas, that the host becomes flesh, that the sun revolves around the Earth .. the authorities saw uit in the interest f their societies to enforce belief.  We still see this today, not only in Islamic countries but in China where speech that contradicts the accepted national “truth” is a crime, in some cases a capital offense.

While I all oppose laws against blasphemy, why isn’t there public disgust  with right wing denial of fact? Because we do have democracy, the people’s choices matter a great deal.  denial of scientific truth undermines our society and maybe is even destroying the future of our species in manner far more real then the threats of a biblical prophet.

Take a look at Seattle’s right wing blog:

From Sound Politics   Global Warming Update (LVI) by Stefan Sharkansky,

Record Snowfall across North America

Record cold has South Korea telling citizens: wear long johns

And a NOAA satellite image map of the snow-covered Northern Hemisphere:

Yeah, yeah, I know. Weather isn’t climate, and cold weather (like warm weather) is evidence of global warming, etc., etc.

Read some facts from the Daily Mail in the UK

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  1. 1

    My Opinons:
    H. Harrison
    Atmospheric Sciences

    1) No. “Acceptance of a set of truths” is
    not necessary to government. “Let one
    thousand blossums for the Truth contend.”

    2) Not to worry. Facts will out.
    [Well, worry a little about when.]


  2. theaveeditor #


    But, the playing field for “facts” in our society is unequla. Fox offers 24/7 denial of science and creationism.

    From “our” side, where and when do we reply? Disney-esque NOVA shows and Tweedy talking heads are no competition for the reality preaching from Geln Beck, O’Reilly and .. I suspect a plurality of our Congress.

    What happens to a democracy when economic decisions are made by leaders who believe in the ever ending generosity of the oil wells?

  3. Dr.Neuron #

    At a supermarket checkout stand recently, I piped in on a conversation about the cold weather we were then having when a woman seemed genuinely puzzled about what this said about global warming. I said I was not a climatologist but my understanding was that under global warming, as the atmosphere heats up, it becomes more turbulent, causing local climate and weather extremes both hot and cold. Also, I said, I had heard an interview with a climatologist who said our Pacific Northwest climate was going to be colder for a few years, but eventually would turn warm and we would join the rest of the nation, which was heating up.

    She said to me, “Thank you! That gives me something to go on.”

    I think having more candid, fact-based conversations like this with people can really help. The woman I talked to now has something new and factual to say when the topic comes up among friends and family (I’m convinced the feeling she expressed was genuine). From small beginnings such ideas can spread. To peddle their wares, the creationists and climate cranks depend on the general ignorance of science that seems to be a characteristic of our society these days.

  4. theaveeditor #

    I wish there were more folks with your kind of skills!

    I have watched you in this sort of teaching mode. You are terrific at it.

    Maybe we need to get the Dr. Neuorn Show in MSNBC!