Glenn Beck’s Profanity

As a very patriotic American I take personal offense at the rally Glen Beck is leading this Saturday at a truly hallowed place, the Lincoln Memorial. Worse, this is the anniversary of the I have a Dream Speech.


A petition to express outrage.

Is this where America is going?

(SJ News, Peoples Republic of Utah Bureau, April 2065)

Ging Hua Films announces that their SONY/Paramount division has purchased the film rights to the biography of the assassinated Great Leader.  Prophet Hiram Kaching of the Church of latter Day Saints and Kim il Jung III, President of the People’s Christian Republic of the Koreas, reassured the MormansRChristians community that Ging Hua would be respectful of the life and beliefs of the Great Leader.

Ave Maria Biotech has agreed to provide one of its adult clones of leader beck to play the lead. The clone, GB 2.1, was grown form a pinky attained shortly after the assassination, and has been raised by followers of the leader to have a full knowledge of Leader Bech’s life and philosophy, Beck Juche.

The connection to Ave Maria biotech is NOT just a joke.  This company exists and was actually founded by a former UW fellow on my own training grant. I do not know if Terry Deisher would clone Mr. Beck, but the very exorbitance of a company driven by fanatical religion is all to similar to the madness that governs both North Korea and Mr. Beck!

Again, there is a petition to protest Glenn Beck’s profaning the anniversary of Dr. King’s speech.

On August 28th, I will stand with Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a just, diverse and equal society. I do not stand with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and their attempt to destroy and distort King’s vision.


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