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Chinazor Onianwah is a bright man, an Igbo-American who writes wonderfully abut Africa and especially about his native Nigeria. I value his unique insights into Africa and the rightful pride of African peoples.

The sad thing is this man I want as a friend is also a black racist and a Christian with a dual inheritance of bigotry against the Jewish people.  He spouts biblical claims of racism with all the fervor of Ted Cruz’ father or Torquemada.  He wraps himself with myths of race that are no different than those that justified Black slavery and the genocide of Jews.

Like any member of the KKK, but with color inverted, Chinazor believes in race and in the the innate superiority of the “Black Race.” He sees Jews as a phony people, descended not from the Semites of 20,000 years ago (as supported by history, legend, DNA and linguistic analysis) but as the Khazaris of Europe, part of a white nationalist supremacist movement.

Chi, who I want very much to be a friend, sadly imagines a world wide Jewish conspiracy as the basis for white power and demeans Israel and even the Ethiopian Jews, for racism.

It is sad that a man who could do so much more to promote what is great about Africa has enmeshed himself in the rotten bonds of antisemitism and racial bigotry.

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