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May 16th, 2019 - 12:47 pm § in Hypocrisy

False Advertising in the Era of Genomics

This is very irritating. As a biologist, I would buy this out of curiosity.  However, I am skeptical that a low pass “full” genome sequence for ten bucks is as useful as a scan for SNPs and known markers. As a consumer, an add saying anything costs “9.95” ought not to mean $[...]

March 7th, 2015 - 1:01 am § in The Ave Scene

How to make a LOT of money, TAX FREE!

The NY Times has a disturbing article on a scam being run by “non profit” universities.    The scam is pretty simple and has three parts. 1. Non profits escape scrutiny.   The federal government has focused on false promises that for profit schools make to train a student to get a[...]