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Happy Valentines Day


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What is the oldest name of God and how it properly pronounced? A. Moon              E. Krishna           I. Jesus           M. Ashera         R. Ahuru Mazda B  Allah                F. Reh                  J. Aton       [...]

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SUNDAY Revelations: The word of God

Psalm 82:1 When all of the other gods have come together, the Lord God judges them. God spews on Horsesass: So, you are all surprised that I judge other gods? If I am what am, does that mean there are no other ams? Must Shaddai, Ashera, Hermes, Vishnu, and Hamatsa be less than real because […[...]

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Photography: 60 years later Feb. 1. Anniversary of Eddie Adams’ photograph.  [...]

January 29th, 2018 - 1:42 am § in Misc.

17th century science addresses female orgasms.

Nathaniel Highmore, an English surgeon who was one of the few doctors to publicly acknowledge that the end result of pelvic massage—the “hysterical paroxysm”—could also be described as an “orgasm,” noted that it was no easy task. He likened it to “that game of boys in which they try to[...]

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What The Great Presidents Wrought .. A Year after Trump

As Presidents Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Lincoln,  Eisenhower, and Obama ALL taught, the job of an AMERICAN government is to create equal OPPORTUNITY for all. Think about how these Presidents served that goal using the government Louisiana Purchase Free public education Transcontinental Railr[...]

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Happy Robert E Lee Birthday*

*ARKANSAS Third Monday in January[6] Robert E. Lee‘s birthday (state holiday combined with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day).[...]

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How Are Your Tomatoes Doin?