Compare Biden and Trump Memorial Day speeches

A transcript of Biden’s speech at Arlington National Cemetery isn’t available yet, but Reuters reported (here) that he spoke of the sacrifices of America’s fallen military personnel. Next week he’ll travel to Normandy, where he’s “expected to give a major speech about the heroism of Allied forces in World War Two and the continuing threats to democracy today.”

Trump’s message to America is reproduced in full below. It’s hard to believe anyone is still willing to vote for this selfish man. I also have a special message for readers who wouldn’t vote for Trump, but are disappointed with Biden, and thinking of sitting this election out. Biden is a decent man; Trump isn’t, and that’s what we’ll be voting on in November.

It’s okay to be upset about inflation, the housing market, struggling to make ends meet, and what’s happening in Gaza. You may feel a compelling urge to vote for change. But Trump won’t bring that kind of change. He’ll bring unimaginable and unthinkable change. As much as you’re frustrated with Biden, or maybe question his age and physical and mental capacity, re-electing him is the only way to stop Trump.

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