How badly do you want this job?

You knew going in that landing the job would be difficult, but the reality is beyond what you anticipated.

The interview process is “extremely unpredictable, usually requiring two to three rounds of interviews.” You’re told you may be called in for further interviewing on short notice but not when; it could be the next day or a month later.  If you can’t make an interview for any reason, you’ll be scratched from the candidate list.

The interviews are grueling. They indicate how stressful the job will be if you’re lucky enough to be hired. Some last for hours, and may involve “a lot of role-playing.”

And if you are hired, your work hours will be irregular and unpredictable, and you must be available to work if they call you outside your assigned shifts, in effect on call 24/7. It leaves little room for anything else in your life.

Professional firm? Tech company software engineer? High-level manager job? Nope. Entry-level retail, minimum wage with no benefits, and usually part-time. Read stories here and here. Retailers complain of a worker shortage. Are you surprised?

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