Credentials inflation

Just as bad as sky-high grocery prices, or ridiculous F-150 sticker prices — perhaps worse — is employers demanding degrees for jobs that don’t require them.

This forces kids to go to college and rack up student debts they can’t afford which conservatives are adamant must be repaid at all costs because repaying with interest is a moral obligation (except their debts, e.g. forgiven PPP loans, business bankruptcies, etc.).

Now employers are playing another game: Demanding experience for entry-level jobs that don’t require it. The Hill says, “An analysis of around four million job postings since late 2017 has found that 35% of postings for “entry-level” positions now ask for years of prior relevant work experience” (story here).

But if you think things are bad for young jobseekers now, Tesla boss Elon Musk thinks artificial intelligence eventually “will be able to do everything” and “put everyone out of a job.” In other words, if you’re not a computer, you won’t be hired; and if you are a computer, you won’t be paid, you’ll just work your pants off.

Maybe the real threat from AI is not robots physically exterminating humans, but rather making us useless, leading to our species dying out.

And we will have done it to ourselves. No, wait, that’s not accurate; all most of us did was go to school, then try to find jobs.

It will be the employers who did this to us.

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