Soccer mom sues cops who gave her a fire ant sandwich

A Texas woman is accusing cops “of hogtying her and pressing her face down to a pile of fire ants.”

When dropping her son off at school, she turned into a bus-only lane, and then apparently panicked (see story here).

But the cops claim she drove across a lawn fleeing from police, then fought them after being pulled from her car, and they didn’t know fire ants were in the grass (see story here).

Ever take a wrong turn, then freak out, not knowing what to do? Probably has happened to most of us. In the old days, you got a ticket at worst (if you didn’t run over anyone or hit something). Nowadays, the cops freak out, too. Or at least it often seems that way.

It’s hard to tell who’s right or wrong in this situation. The woman has filed a lawsuit for excessive force, and a jury will sort it out. Probably everyone is edgy around schools these days, and erratic driving near a school freaks out everyone. It’s the times we live in.

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