How this blog has evolved since its founder’s death

This blog is now over 14 years old, and it’s been 4 years since its creator, Dr. Steve Schwartz, was fatally stricken with Covid-19. Without his presence, some changes were inevitable, although the fact I’ve been a contributor since the blog’s inception helps provide continuity.

Many subjects Steve wrote about are missing now: his family squabbles, his father’s Buchenwald legacy, Brandeis University, Hanukkah, University of Washington faculty politics, WGU, and other academic issues.

Politics has always been a frequent topic on this blog, and still is, but I realize a lot of people are suffering from political fatigue and in any case I don’t want this blog to be solely about politics. It’s always been diversified, and perhaps is more so now.

I use major news outlets as sources for many articles posted here. There’s no reason to read a blog that just cuts and pastes news stories you can read elsewhere. My idea is to give you a quick news briefing, often drawn from multiple sources, with links to more information for readers who wish to delve deeper. I also add background, perspective, and commentary to many of the postings.

Instead of focusing on daily headlines, I look for stories most people wouldn’t see otherwise, along with videos and other tidbits I run across in my own internet surfing. There’s also some original content of my own authorship, usually on serious topics, such as why you go to college and what you learn there, and what it’s like (and takes) to get through law school for readers who might be thinking of doing that.

Overall, The-Ave.US now emphasizes useful content, is more serious, and appeals to a more general audience. If you’re looking down, Steve, I hope you approve.

I have no goal to increase readership, no commercial ambitions, no mission. The blog is simply here for whoever finds it useful, whatever their reasons for reading it may be. Thank you for the privilege of your time.

Roger Rabbit, anonymous blogger (because I don’t want bricks thrown at my windows)

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