Get this driver off the road

Antonio Michael Lopez, 21, has been charged with vehicular homicide twice.

Those are his most serious driving offenses. According to KING 5 News, a Seattle TV station, he’s been cited multiple times over 6 years. His past violations include hit-and-run, speeding, inattentive driving, and multiple citations for driving without a license or insurance.

In 2017, as a juvenile driver, he killed a 21-year-old man. On Sunday, February 26, 2023, he allegedly killed two people and severely injured a third while driving at excessive speed in snowy conditions (see story here).

This sounds like someone who, if guilty of the charges, has no regard for human life, no respect for law, and habitually drives recklessly. He’s entitled to a presumption of innocence for now, but if he’s convicted in our courts, he should be considered a public menace; and because he drives without a license, locking him up is the only way to keep him off the roads. He’s no longer a juvenile, and this time a sentencing judge should throw the book at him.

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