We don’t need a convict president

Joe Exotic (photo, left) is running for president.

The ex-reality TV star is a year into a 21-year federal prison sentence “after being convicted on multiple charges, including Endangered Species Act violations and a murder-for-hire scheme targeting animal rights activist Carole Baskin,” as The Hill reports here.

He told Fox News he’s running to straighten out the criminal justice system that put him behind bars.

He said, “We have President Putin [who] just has warrants for his arrest for war crimes. We have President Trump under the possibility of an indictment and other criminal charges. We have Hunter Biden and President Biden under investigation for money laundering and making bad deals,” which seems to imply why is he in jail when they’re not?

Uh, cuz he was convicted in a court of law? Of trying to kill someone?

Personally, I don’t think he has the knowledge, experience, or temperament required for public office, plus he isn’t available to serve if elected. So I won’t vote for him. But who knows, maybe he’ll win. Plenty of people in this country would vote for a convict (see story here).

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