They can believe whatever they like, but they can’t have our elections

America is a free country where people, if they wish, can believe the earth is 6,000 years old (or flat, if they prefer), climate change is a hoax, and elephants fly.

They can also believe rigged voting machines stole the 2020 election from Trump and all the other lies Fox puts on the air to keep the true believers tuned in and the advertising dollars flowing into the Murdoch family’s bank accounts.

But believing something doesn’t make it true, and in 2022, the voters in most places made it clear they’re not going to let election deniers run our elections.

Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy (and a former drug addict), said “he has spent $40 million since the 2020 election investigating fraud claims and supporting efforts to ban voting machines [and] is taking out loans to continue to fund the work” (see story here). That’s his prerogative, but I hope he goes broke. He’s a cancer on our democracy.

“This is war,” said Mark Finchem, a defeated Arizona GOP candidate (same story). Against who? Me? The 81 million people who voted for Biden in 2020? The 1,320,619 Arizona voters, including many thousands of Republicans, who told elected his opponent?

I will defend everyone’s rights, including theirs; by all means, let these jackasses bray to their hearts’ content. But I won’t elect them to run our elections, and damned if they’ll nullify my vote by violence (i.e., their “war” talk) or other means (e.g., legislative overrides of the popular vote; even the Trump Supreme Court won’t touch that, see story here).

We’re going to keep putting responsible people in charge of our elections, running our elections the way we have been, and the candidates who get the most votes will take office. If they don’t like that, too bad.

By the way, if Finchem really wants to root out voting fraud, he could start with himself, because he was illegally registered to vote in the last election cycle (see that story here).

Photo: Birds of a feather flock together; Finchem (left) and Lindell (right)

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