News from Russia 12/7/22

Russia fears Ukraine will invade

“Russia has started to expand its defense along its border with Ukraine amid apparent fears of invasion, Britain’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. Elaborate trenches systems are being dug by Russian troops in Belgorod, near the border with Ukraine, while the region’s governor has announced that is establishing local ‘self-defense units.'” Read story here.

And if the trenches don’t hold ’em back …

Putin has a backup plan

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has an escape plan in place in the event Russia loses the war it started in Ukraine in February, a former speechwriter for the Kremlin chief said on Wednesday. Abbas Gallyamov, who is also a political analyst, said a trusted source told him that the Kremlin has, since the spring, been developing a backup plan for a potential defeat in Ukraine, which involves Putin and his top leadership fleeing to Venezuela.” Read story here.

Photo left: Gentleman farmer Vladimir Putin

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