What a “moderate” Republican said about Trump’s constitution remark

Glenn Youngkin got elected Virginia governor by persuading voters he’s a “moderate” Republican (he isn’t). NBC News reported here what he said about Trump’s “terminate the Constitution” remark:

“There are small signs that fellow Republicans, including prospective challengers, are more willing to criticize Trump, as Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and others did over his remarks on the Constitution. ‘I’ve watched the other party really erode many of the constitutional principles that I hold dear, and, as Republicans, we should not contribute to this,’ Youngkin said at a Wall Street Journal conference Tuesday. ‘I think our job is to defend and protect the Constitution.’ Despite the indirect reproach, however, Youngkin avoided answering the specific question he was asked: whether Trump had disqualified himself as a Republican Party nominee for president.”

That’s a reproach? I’d call it evasion. And blame-shifting. By the way, exactly how are Democrats “eroding” the Constitution? They’re not rioting at the Capitol, threatening election workers, brandishing guns in public buildings, or talking about civil war. To me, Youngkin is not only a Trump apologist, but also a lying hypocrite.

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