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November 24th, 2021 - 8:13 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

The origin of #StopTheSteal

Like a volcano bubbling underground, the #StopTheSteal hashtag had many wellsprings, but one in particular uncorked the eruption. “The edifice of #StopTheSteal was constructed on a foundation of false claims of widespread election fraud that predates Trump’s candidacy,” Mother Jones sa[...]

November 24th, 2021 - 6:55 pm § in Law and Courts

The Prosecutors

The prosecutors who won the convictions of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers are Paul Camarillo (L), Linda Dunikoski (C), and Larissa Ollivierre (R). Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

November 24th, 2021 - 5:39 pm § in Law and Courts, Racism


“This is what a public lynching looks like in the 21st century.” — Kevin Gough, attorney (for more of his rants, go here) Three white men in pickups chased a black man on foot, trapped him with their vehicles, then killed him with shotgun blasts. Defending one of the killers, this [...]

November 24th, 2021 - 3:21 pm § in Misc.

Jury convicts black jogger’s killers

  3 white vigilantes face life in prison Read here why the outcome is historic. Social media reaction: “They almost got away with it. Never forget that this is not an example of the justice system working. Police didn’t arrest these men. Prosecutors didn’t want them charged. It took o[...]

November 24th, 2021 - 2:02 pm § in Donald Trump, Law and Courts, Politics

Judas is an Oath Keeper

And it may land him in prison. James Beeks (photos), 49, of Orlando, a Broadway actor currently playing Judas in “Jesus Christ Superstar,” betrayed his country on January 6, 2021. He went to Washington D.C. and met up with a group of fellow Oath Keepers, donned tactical outfit, and was p[...]

November 24th, 2021 - 2:21 am § in Law and Courts, Politics

Trumper gets 19 months in prison for “kill your senators” video rant

He would later say he didn’t really mean it, but at the time, it sure looked like he did. Brendan Hunt (photo), 37, of Queens, New York, got 19 months in prison for urging his fellow Trumpers to return to the Capitol with guns on January 20 and slaughter Democrats. (Read story here and here.) [...]