Trump demands Biden drug test before debate

Trump “again baselessly suggested” that “Biden is doing drugs” and tweeted that he “will be strongly demanding” that Biden take a drug test “prior to, or after” their first debate, Huffington Post reported on Sunday, September 27, 2020 (story here).

Last month, Trump told Fox News “he will request that “Biden and himself” take drug tests before the first debate, claiming “he believes that Biden’s improvement during the Democratic primary debates was the result of drugs” (read that story here).

Grandstanding? You bet. Trolling? Absolutely. He’s throwing red meat to his meathead supporters.

But there’s more to it. This is not just a sophomoric jab, not merely mindless exploiting of sports cheating to elicit cheers from his adoring idiot supporters. He’s saying Biden cheats intellectually. By using drugs. Many of his fans will swallow this silliness whole, just as they gobble down outlandish conspiracy theories. This is tomorrow’s conspiracy theory.

Don’t overlook that it serves serious propaganda purposes. It’s another way to delegitimize the election if he loses by claiming Biden won by cheating. It’s another way to attack Biden’s mental fitness by asserting he needs drugs to think straight (a ridiculous argument to anyone who thinks about it, but Trump voters aren’t known for thinking). And if Trump gets his ass handed to him in the debate, it’s another excuse to use for losing the debate.

Think about it. This is the President of the United States. He’s responsible for nuclear strategy, the economy, our social problems. The most serious problems in the world come to his desk. This is who some people want making those decisions? What is wrong with them? I say that because this clownish presidency isn’t possible without their votes making it possible. They are responsible for Trump stripping that office of dignity, decency, and respect. The rest of us won’t forget that.

Photo: Can you guess which of these gentlemen collecting urine samples is Trump and which is Biden?

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  1. Trump should be drug tested first and tested often #

    We all know that if anyone should be drug tested for medications, it is the president. What medicines is trump on? There are photos or trump with pupil dilation, which can often be caused by over-the-counter medication as well as prescribed pain medicine or medicines.

  2. Mark Adams #

    If Biden agrees to a drug test then it is in. It would then be a norm that participants do a drug test before debates.

    Yes sports test for drugs in athletes at the professional and amateur levels. Not necessarily street drugs but for performance enhancing drugs. Today in America if you get a job interview and get through the interview the employer is likely to demand you take a drug test. Typically it is a urine test, but can be blood or hair samples. Usually this is for illegal drugs, but can test for caffeine or past use of alcohol, maybe performance enhancing drugs. If you don’t get the job, chances are you will never know if it was the drug test, unless you were studying for it.

    So drug tests are making America great again, so why shouldn’t our leaders in Congress, White House, and Judicial branch participate fully just like they expect federal employees to participate. Maybe we all get to watch as the candidates do their tests, just like Federal employees are watched.

    A drug test before the debates with the results becoming known is not all that silly. Of course Trump knows he will pass. Who really thinks in the end the office of Presidency is about dignity, decency and respect? I rather doubt those who died at Nagasaki and Hiroshima thought those were the most important aspects of the office of United States President, rather they fully understood the arrows held in the talons of the symbol of the office.

  3. Roger Rabbit #

    If drug tests will make America great again, maybe I should ask you for drug tests before posting your comments to make this blog great again.