If Trump seized power, would the military back him?

This article contains news with liberal commentary.

“The Pentagon’s two most senior figures were so angry about President Donald Trump’s unprecedented attack on senior military leadership earlier this month that they got on the phone with the White House chief of staff,” CNN reported on Monday, September 21, 2020. Read story here.

Whoa! Doesn’t look like has has friends at the Pentagon. But then, Trump doesn’t have many friends anywhere. He has a few. Maybe he can borrow a couple battalions from them.

Remember that Milley publicly apologized for traipsing with Trump across Lafayette Square for that photo-op fiasco. And, “The highly principled Milley is said to remain deeply bruised by that event.” And, “His aides … are emphasizing that the four star general … is sharply focused on ensuring any orders from the President are within the parameters of the Constitution and are therefore legal, moral and ethical.” So it doesn’t look like Trump has military backing for a coup. But he doesn’t need it; he has his own S.A. Photo: Republican pollwatcher

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