Dunderhead starts GoFundMe for numbskull; dummies kick in

This article contains news with obnoxious liberal commentary.

Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican (right), fired Arthur “Mac” Love IV (left), another Republican who oversaw Maryland’s Commission on African-American History and Culture, after a public outcry over Love’s social media postings.

A Hogan spokesperson called the postings “obviously totally inappropriate,” which I obviously totally agree with (see headline above).

But some conservatives see nothing wrong with them. Including one Gary M. Collins of Baltimore, who started a GoFundMe for Love with a goal of raising $150,000. So far he’s raised $680. Collins explained, “folks should consider another side.” You can readily size up the the donors from the comments they leave.

I have, Mr. Collins, and after careful consideration, I’ve concluded most of Maryland’s citizens will be better off if Mr. Love pursues opportunities in the private sector. He isn’t cut out for public service. Of course, that decision isn’t up to me; it’s up to Gov. Hogan, a Republican who came to the same conclusion. When even your Republican governor has a problem with it, and let’s face it, Hogan isn’t exactly a flaming liberal, then maybe you should try seeing another side to this. That Ronnie Rowland guy (see below) isn’t the brightest constellation in the Milky Way, either.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    I do not think the Governor should have fired this individual or any individual over something they said in social media. Mr. Love should enjoy the full protection of the first amendment particularly when it is the government firing him even if he is a political appointee. Individuals should enjoy some first amendment protections even when it is their private employer.
    While what you say could get you fired what is shown here is protected political speech or is fairly innocuous. It is perfectly possible for a boss to fire you over a cat or dog picture on your profile if that boss cares not for cats or dogs.
    If the guy is doing a stand up job on the Maryland Commission of African American History and Culture he should not be fired, and if fired it should be job related.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Mr. Love’s First Amendment rights weren’t violated. Government didn’t censor his social media posts. The governor merely refused to employ him as a state official, which he has a right to do. There’s no constitutional right to such employment. Absent a civil service or contractual right, Mr. Love serves at the governor’s pleasure. Gov. Hogan can put whoever he wants in these jobs. He didn’t need a reason to fire Mr. Love, although Mr. Love gave him one.